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Employment Laws in Algeria

A foreigner can exercise an activity in Algeria subject to obtaining a work permit.

Foreigner paid activity

The Law dated July 11,1981 defines the employment conditions of foreign workers. Except for the French and Tunisian nationals, for whom bilateral conventions between Algeria and France on one side, and Tunisia on the other side are implemented, a foreigner who is to perform a paid activity in Algeria should have a work permit or a temporary authorization to work. A foreigner working in Algeria is, like Algerian nationals, subject to a mandatory affiliation to social insurance. In application of the law related to social insurance, the benefit of the social allowances is granted to any affiliated individual with no distinction on the basis of nationality.


Algerian Labour law and employee rights

Labour legislation in Algeria protects the rights of the worker. Elaborated in the framework of the centralized management of the economy, labour legislation in Algeria grants the workers a protective regime guaranteeing a relative employment security and appreciable social coverage.

  • The legal duration is of 40 hours per week, and five working days.
  • Holidays with pay are allocated for 30 consecutive days per year.
  • Although, no discrimination is allowed between male and female workers, the latter can chose to workhalf-time.
  • Night work is forbidden for persons of both sexes under nineteen years of age.

A worker is granted legal protection against regular or abusive redundancies. This protection is guaranteed widely by the courts. Concerning the social coverage, the social security regime with a mandatory application guarantees

  • allowances in kind and cash to any worker who is temporarily or definitively unable to work.

The traditional insurance in this field concerning the matter are also considered : - Health insurance which concerns the reimbursement of medical expenses and also allocation of a daily allowance in case of sick leave ; - Maternity insurance that refunds expenses for pregnancy and giving birth ; - Disability insurance with allowance of a pension to the employee obliged to leave his job on account invalidity ; and - Insurance in case of death which concern allocation of a capital to the eligible persons ; A temporary or permanent sickness pension paid by the national insurance department compensates work-injuries and occupational disease. Finally , the old-age system provides granting of a pension to employees of sixty years of age ( fiftyfive years for women ) that have qualified over a minimum fifteen-year working life .

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