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Employment Law in Saudi The Complete Guide to Hijra and Emigrating to Muslim Countries MakeHijra

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Saudi Employment Law

Saudi Operates a sponsership system for Foreign Nationals seeking to work in the Kingdom. That means Foreigners can obtain work through Saudi Companies, but have to obtain permission if they want to move to another Job.


Saudi Employment Visa Requirements

Non-Saudi citizens (other than GCC nationals) must obtain a visa to enter, and must obtain a permit to reside in, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Visas or permits are not granted upon arrival and must be obtained in advance. Companies are required to register their employee’s contracts with the Ministry of Interior before a residency permit can be issued. Each company is permitted a certain quota of residency visas. Employees with residency visas who earn above a certain threshold salary may sponsor family members for residency visas. Residency visas are valid for up to two years. Employees cannot work for anyone other than their sponsor and sponsorship cannot be transferred until the employee has worked for their original sponsor for at least two years.

Saudi Labour Law

Employment matters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are governed by the Labor Law. The Ministry of Labor regulates all labor related issues in the Kingdom through Labor Offices located in different regions of the Kingdom. The Labor Law imposes certain minimum standards on labor related matters such as working hours, vacations, safety standards and termination of employment. Upon termination of employment, an employee is entitled to an end of service award calculated on the basis of half a month’s salary for each year of the first five years of employment, and one month’s salary for each year following the first five years with the employee’s most recent wage being the basis for the end of service award calculation. The Government has a strategic goal to increase the proportion of Saudi employees in both the public and private sectors. This policy is known as “Saudization” and is effected by requiring companies to employ a certain percentage of Saudi citizens. Such percentage ranges from 5-75 percent based on the nature of business, condition of work and availability of Saudi employees. Saudi Labour Laws

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